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Sparta, Tennessee
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Liturgical Year A

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

June 25, 2017

Click below for the color bulletins:

June 25th

June 18th

June 11th



Collection Report

June 25th                                Week 52               YTD      
Envelopes              2,041.24   104,136.66
Offerings                229.81    15,496.56
Total                  2,271.05   119,633.22

Number of registered families:           140
Number of envelope users:                119
Number of known givers:             50 (42%)
Average contribution:                 $40.82

Other Collections


June 25th                               Week 52                 YTD     
Haiti                    0.00       7,460.24
Outreach               882.35      14,678.99


July 1st

Lector: D. Baldwin
Eucharist: C. Quain, T. Quain, A. Ellis

July 2nd

Lector: M. Jicha
Servers: K. Wieczorek, J. Wieczorek  
Eucharist: L. Keller, W. Vidrine, R. Lapierre
Ushers: R. Latham, P. Marino, B. LeBlanc, U. T. Sergio
Collection: Keller, J. Keller

Please arrange for a substitute if you can’t be there.


July 8th

Lector: D. Baldwin
Eucharist: C. Quain, T. Quain, A. Ellis

July 9th

Lector: A. Nothnagle
Servers: J. Morris, A. Morris   
Eucharist: B. LeBlanc, C. Quain, T. Quain
Ushers: P. Keller, R. Manthey, P. Hapner, U. T. Sergio
Collection: Marsden, Murphy

Please arrange for a substitute if you can’t be there.


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Prayer Intention for June

That national leaders may firmly commit themselves to ending the arms trade,
which victimizes so many innocent people.


Coming Week's Schedule

Tuesday, July 4th, 6:00pm: Picnic and Fireworks at dusk

Wednesday, July 5th, 7:00pm: K of C Meeting


Daily Mass Intentions

Wednesday, June 28th, 6:00pm: Theodore Sparrow

Friday, June 30th, 8:30am: Wilma Jean Oberlietner

Saturday, July 1st, 5:00pm: Helen Dembowski
Sunday, July 2nd, 8:30am: IP

Tuesday, July 4th, 8:30am: IP

Wednesday, July 5th, 6:00pm: IP

Friday, July 7th, 8:30am: IP

Saturday, July 8th, 5:00pm: Fr. Schmit

(IP = Intention of the Priest)




Prayer Intentions


Please remember in your prayers:

Diane Barry

Richard Barry

Sarah Barry

Ann Diamond

Karen Gardner

Jennifer Hamilton

Liz Hennessey

Marilyn Marquis

Morgan Siler

Robin Wharton


Homebound, hospitals and nursing homes:
Carol Frankowski
MaryJane Kafka
Joyce Rogers
Jackie Stearns
Lee Vickers

t - Recently Passed Away

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Fourth of July - This Coming Tuesday!

Picnic and Fireworks…and with any luck and some planning, some games in between!

Plan to spend Tuesday evening, July 4th, here at church! We’ll have a picnic at 6:00pm and fireworks at dusk. If your last name begins with “A” through “J,” bring a covered dish; “K” through “Z,” bring a dessert! If you’re really ambitious, bring both!

The church will provide the hamburgers, hot dogs, buns, drinks, and more!

And bring a comfortable chair!

Vacation Masses

Fr. Kevin will be on vacation from July 10th until July 28th. Fr. Mike Roarke will say our weekend Masses. The weekly Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Masses are cancelled during that period.

May Outreach Report

We assisted 63 families consisting of 172 individuals during the month of May. INCOME: Collection $1,215.00; Poor Box $80.00; EXPENSES: Food $663.00 and Electric $173.82. Thank you from the Outreach Ministry of St. Andrew.


One Way

Did you see the new “One Way” sign? If you need to drive around the back of the church, please drive to the left side of the church and go “clockwise” around the back of the church. That’s where those with wheel chairs/walkers are dropped off to enter church!

Defending Our Faith Discussion Group

The warning messages of Our Lady at Fatima and Akita

Our Lady appeared herself to the three kids at Fatima.
Our Lady appeared herself to the Nun at Akita.
She gave the world some harsh warnings.
Many faithful will be swept away and lost. Us? Our children?

Come to the apologetics class this Sunday after Mass, in the Gathering Area.

Father will give a 20 minute talk, followed by questions and answers from us!

Grab a donut and coffee and come and listen! Bring the kids!

Magazine Update

This week, there are some very interesting articles on our culture, our ethics and sharing the communion cup.

First Things, May 2017, light green cover,  P21: The Tragedy of the Republic - a long and hard read, but a clear explanation of our republic, what it is, how it came to be that and what is the modern artifice "representative." What we are losing, how we have made a swamp, why it isn't likely that we can drain it. And how we are feeding the warnings of Fatima. You can learn real history in this, why 96% of us will always be peons, and why that may save our souls.

Then P29: The Moral Turn - a philosopher examines US judges, supreme and those in lower circuit courts, and the false arguments used by the left and the weak and useless retorts by the right. The illogic used in constitutional law cases, changes starting to appear, and the prospects for renewal of the natural law.

Read The Register, June 16, P5&24 which has a good article on how Bishop Choby inspired two young seminarians who were ordained on June 23rd.

Use the new St. Andrew electronic access to the First Things Magazine library (
Use the new St. Andrew electronic access to the One Magazine library (
Please return the paper magazines you have read.

Use the painted parking spaces only.

Prayer Shawls

We need people to make prayer shawls and the names of anyone who might need one. For details, call Deb Baldwin at 739-9801 or e-mail her at

St. Andrew Emporium

Do you know that we have Gift Certificates you can purchase! Visit our gift shop! We now have key chains and pendants – made in Italy – and St. Michael medals. You’re sure to find the right gift at the right price! Open before and after Sunday Mass and by appointment. See Linda Keller for details.

Used Ink Cartridges

The box for depositing your empty ink cartridges has been relocated to the hallway.  We can accept all cartridges except those made for Epson.

Right to Life

The Baby Bottle Project for the benefit of Right to Life is finished! We are still missing 12 bottles! Please return your bottles; put them in the office.


Bulletin Announcements


If you would like an announcement of your church event put in the bulletin two weeks in advance, you need to submit it three weeks in advance to give us time to include it!  Thursday morning at 10:00am is the deadline for that Sunday's printing. Thank you!

Church Business

Please use our church office address,, for church related correspondence. Your request will be handled much quicker if it comes directly into the office.

Please inform the church secretary, by the third week of the month, if you are unable to fulfill your ministerial duties the following month.  That will give us time to change the schedule before it is distributed.

Grateful Thanks to Volunteers


We would like to express a word of thanks to all the volunteers who, year after year, give of their time and talent to do the "behind the scenes" work that makes a community successful. Unlike those who claim they have done their share and it is time for others to step in, these volunteers are always ready to lend a hand.  Thanks to all of you who have been so indispensable.


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