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St. Andrew Catholic Church

Sparta, Tennessee
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Liturgical Year A

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

October 22, 2017

Click below for the color bulletins:

October 22nd Color Bulletin

October 15th Color Bulletin

Liberty Square Booth



Collection Report

October 22nd                          Week 17               YTD     

Envelopes              1,553.89   34,095.15
Offerings                193.25    4,146.41
Total                  1,747.14   38,241.56

Number of registered families:          142
Number of envelope users:               120
Number of known givers:            56 (47%)
Average contribution:                $27.75

Other Collections

October 22nd                          Week 17               YTD     

Haiti                    5.00      2,476.00
Outreach                 0.00      3,730.73


October 28th

Lector: C. Quain
Eucharist: S. Rogers, M. Scannell, K. Vondra

October 29th

Lector: P. Marino
Servers: J. Morris  
Eucharist: W. Vidrine, S. Wieczorek, B. LeBlanc
Ushers: P. Hapner, J. Nunley, P. J. Keller, U. T. Sergio
Collection: Keller, P. J. Keller

Please arrange for a substitute if you can’t be there.


November 4th

Lector: D. Baldwin
Eucharist: C. Quain, T. Quain, A. Ellis

November 5th

Lector: S. Wieczorek
Servers: R. Lapierre  
Eucharist: J. Mendel, W. Vidrine, L. Keller
Ushers: R. Latham, P. Marino, P. Keller, U. T. Sergio
Collection: Marsden, Murphy

Please arrange for a substitute if you can’t be there.


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Prayer Intention for October

That all workers may receive respect and protection of their rights,
and that the unemployed may receive the opportunity to contribute to the common good.


Coming Week's Schedule

Saturday, October 28th, 6:00pm: Parish Mission starts
with Chili/Potluck Dinner, Trunk or Treat, Costume Contest, Hay Ride

Sunday, October 29th thru November 2nd, 8:30am and 7:00pm: Parish Mission


Daily Mass Intentions

Tuesday, October 24th, 8:30am: IP

Wednesday, October 25th, 6:00pm: Rita Jicha

Friday, October 27th, 8:30am: IP

Saturday, October 28th, 5:00pm: Janet and Sherman Koon

Sunday, October 29th, 8:30am: IP

Tuesday, October 31st, 8:30am: IP

Wednesday, November 1st, 6:00pm: IP

Friday, November 3rd, 8:30am: James Van Johnston Sr.

Saturday, November 4th, 5:00pm: Helmuth Koch

(IP = Intention of the Priest)




Prayer Intentions


Please remember in your prayers:

Diane Barry
Richard Barry
Sarah Barry
Ann Diamond
Wanda Gibson
Sr. Jackie (Haiti)
Barbara & Mike Losito
Connie Lowe
Tamera Lyons
T. W. McCardle
Jake Morris
Matt Pelham
Morgan Siler

Homebound, hospitals and nursing homes:
Carol Frankowski
Jennifer Hamilton
Jackie Stearns
Lee Vickers

t Recently Passed Away

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Parish Mission

St. Andrew is having a Parish Mission! You are invited! It’s scheduled for October 29th through November 2nd. Topics include The Holy Blessed Sacrament, The Blessed Virgin Mary, The Mercy of God, The Ten Commandments and the Angels and Saints. The basic schedule is posted on the bulletin boards.

The purpose of a parish mission is to assist the pastor in his ministry with conferences, administration of the sacraments, and preaching the Word of God to the people of the parish. We seek to inflame all the members of the parish with the Infinite Love of Almighty God, and to call them to receive the Merciful Love of the Heart of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

Shoes for Haiti

We have been asked to collect shoes for our Sister Parish in Haiti at Rivere Mancelle.  Bob and Denise Snyder have just notified us that many children do not attend school because they don’t have shoes to wear.  Some families stay away from church on Sunday for the same reason. Could you please help? Let’s beat the bushes and clean out our closets! The shoes can be:
-    new or used
-    adult or child
-    all sizes and types
-    flip flops and sandals are fine, but not snow boots or high heels
There is a container in the hallway across from the Food Pantry box and another container in the Friendship Hall against the north wall marked Shoes for Haiti.”  We will be collecting until mid-November.  Please contact Cathy Randolph with questions.

Thanksgiving Food Baskets

Religious Education and Outreach are working together to provide 25 families with Thanksgiving Dinners. Historically, Saint Andrew parishioners’ generosity has been the mainstay of this community project. Donations needed are: turkeys, stuffing, turkey gravy, vegetables (green beans and corn), potatoes, cookies, butter/margarine, rolls, cranberry sauce and juice. To ensure we have the items needed, sign-up sheets will be placed in the gathering area on October 29th. Collection of non-perishable items will begin November 5th. Monetary donations will be accepted. God Bless You!

Right to Life

The annual fundraiser for Right to Life is ready to go! The baby bottles are in the large basket in the Gathering Area. Take one home, fill it with your loose change during October and return it at the end of the month.

Butts for Sale!

The Knights are selling their butts once again! Savory, apple wood smoked butts await you! Just $30 each! Call Paul at 738-3778 and place your order now or simply e-mail him and tell him how many you want: Pick up date is Saturday, November 4th before noon.

September Outreach Report

We assisted 102 families consisting of 300 individuals for the month. INCOME: Collection $1,046; Poor Box $84.00. EXPENSES: Food $779.58; Electric $494.84; Gas $50.00. Thank you from the Outreach Ministry of St. Andrew. 

First Friday Mass

Remember that on the first Friday of every month there is benediction following the 8:30am morning Mass.

One Way

Did you see the “One Way” sign? If you need to drive around the back of the church, please drive to the left side of the church and go “clockwise” around the back of the church. That’s where those with wheel chairs/walkers are dropped off to enter church!

Defending Our Faith Discussion Group

There will be no Apologetics discussion this week as we will all be absorbed by the Parish Mission and Father Tom. Father Kevin will be on hand for a few mission days to provide advice and answer questions.

You can still pick up a donut and coffee, but the dog will not run...

Magazine Update

U. S. CATHOLIC, August, 2017, P22-28 has a thought provoking article on how a church needs the talents of several different type of people to make it flourish. Read how a writer, a civil engineer, a professional development speaker, a youth minister, a biotech developer and a photographer have found that their jobs enhance the building up of the Church.

The TENNESSEE REGISTER, our diocesan newspaper, September 22nd, P12, relates how the Catholic Church suffers from our "outrageous culture." Regarding immigration, Steve Bannon, a Catholic,told "60 Minutes" the Catholic Church  advocates just moral treatment for immigrants, in order "to fill the collection basket." Criticism from within the church is very apparent today. Read how a Jesuit author's invitation to the Catholic University in D.C.was withdrawn due to his book including ministering to the LGBT Catholics without compromising church teaching.

This week, there’s quite a lot of good reading. We start with The Latin Mass magazine, stepping back to the Summer 2013 issue: "A Year Out - A Reflection on the “New” Translation of the Mass." It goes from 2,000 years of teachings to common English usage today; not easy reading. In the same issue, Same-Sex "Marriage" viewed from the Perspective of Nature, Environmentalism and Children. Well written and readable about this societal disaster.
From the New Oxford Review Catholic journal, "Apostatizing in place," is the Surprising History of the American Catholic Feminist Movement; the falsity of this movement, its subterfuges and its vigorous efforts to cause false messages to Catholics.
From The Latin Mass, Fall 2017: "The Cost of Passive-Aggressive Anger from the Vatican and the Hierarchy." Sound views of what is coming out of the Vatican in recent times. And for the Irish, the world as God meant it to be, "Drinking with the Saints, The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour” - disregarding the whole mess!
And a short article, Abortion and homosexuality are a “living reflection of hell” by U.S. Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco.
Select articles are printed and on the table. Take them and read them. Discuss them at the Apologetics group.

Use the new St. Andrew electronic access to the First Things Magazine library (
Use the new St. Andrew electronic access to the One Magazine library (
Please return the paper magazines you have read.

Use the painted parking spaces only.

Prayer Shawls

We need people to make prayer shawls and the names of anyone who might need one. For details, call Deb Baldwin at 739-9801 or e-mail her at

St. Andrew Emporium

Do you know that we have Gift Certificates you can purchase! Visit our gift shop! We now have key chains and pendants – made in Italy – and St. Michael medals. You’re sure to find the right gift at the right price! Open before and after Sunday Mass and by appointment. See Linda Keller for details.

Used Ink Cartridges

The box for depositing your empty ink cartridges has been relocated to the hallway.  We can accept all cartridges except those made for Epson.

Right to Life

The Baby Bottle Project for the benefit of Right to Life is finished! We are still missing 12 bottles! Please return your bottles; put them in the office.


Bulletin Announcements


If you would like an announcement of your church event put in the bulletin two weeks in advance, you need to submit it three weeks in advance to give us time to include it!  Thursday morning at 10:00am is the deadline for that Sunday's printing. Thank you!

Church Business

Please use our church office address,, for church related correspondence. Your request will be handled much quicker if it comes directly into the office.

Please inform the church secretary, by the third week of the month, if you are unable to fulfill your ministerial duties the following month.  That will give us time to change the schedule before it is distributed.

Grateful Thanks to Volunteers


We would like to express a word of thanks to all the volunteers who, year after year, give of their time and talent to do the "behind the scenes" work that makes a community successful. Unlike those who claim they have done their share and it is time for others to step in, these volunteers are always ready to lend a hand.  Thanks to all of you who have been so indispensable.


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