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Sparta, Tennessee
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Knights of Columbus





Joe Einecker Council #14902


Sparta, TN 38583



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K of C Officer Installations


Surge 2013 - 2014


Spaghetti Dinner
(January 28, 2017)
(Photos by Bill Loos)

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Knights in the Sparta Parade
(November 12, 2016)

K of C members cooking their butts!

(November 5, 2016)

K of C Spaghetti Dinner and Bingo

(February 13, 2016)




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The Knights of Columbus was founded in 1882 by Father Michael J. McGivney and a hand full of Catholic laymen who gathered in the basement of Saint Mary's Catholic Church in New Haven, Connecticut.  There purpose was to setup a Parish-based lay organization in order to provide financial support in the form of insurance benefits for families overwhelmed by illness or death of a family breadwinner.  Today, we have grown from that one local unit, or council, to over 14,000 councils through out the world.  The Knights of Columbus has been cited by Popes and other world leaders for support of the church, for programs of Evangelization and Catholic education, for civic involvement and aid to those in need.




Just in the past ten years, the worldwide Knights of Columbus (K of C) had donated over 1.2 billion dollars to church, community and youth activities - $ 140 million last year alone.  They also volunteered over 574 million hours of time to accomplish worthwhile church, youth and community objectives - just last year, 64 million hours!




Last year, they created a $20 million fund whose annual earnings of $2 million were given to the Holy Father for his special charities.  They provided relief funding for victims of floods, earthquakes and other natural disasters worldwide.  They donated over 400,000 pints of blood, made 5.4 million visits to the homebound, sick and bereaved and provided free information for anyone interested in learning about the Catholic Church.




We are your friends and neighbors.  We sit next to you at mass.  We serve as Eucharistic Ministers, lectors, ushers and religious education teachers and in many behind the scene ways.  We raise money for several important projects including PACESETTERS - a center that helps the intellectual challenged prepare to be a productive person.  We help with youth activities and host events such as 4th of JULY Picnic, dinners, parties and a yard sales.  Some of us are Priests and Bishops.  We all support the Catholic Church through advice to others.




As a Catholic fraternal origination, the Knights of Columbus supports Church, Family and Youth Activities and help to improve our community.  These efforts are very gratifying and provide opportunities for personal growth, fun and fellowship.  The Knights of Columbus build character and teach leadership skills while providing an outlet for your untapped talents, which benefit the church, youth and family as well as individual members.  Our Insurance Program provides Knights and their family's excellent coverage and carries the highest Standard & Poors ratings with over $35 billion in Insurance in force.  Think about it, maybe it's time for YOU to become a Knight also!




The only requirement for becoming a Knight of Columbus is that you are a practicing Catholic male at least 18 years of age and in good standing with the church.


Contact Information


Ray Highers, Grand Knight, (931) 526-9421, 


S. Jay Mendel, Deputy Grand Knight, (570) 236-0984,


Mathaus J. Keller, Financial Secretary, (931) 260-9683,


Ray Jicha, Membership Chairman, (931) 935-2552,

Effective July 1, 2017

Pete Marino, Grand Knight, (931) 761-0178, 
Chris Langer, Deputy Grand Knight, (931) 739-9606,
Mathaus J. Keller, Financial Secretary, (931) 260-9683,
Ray Jicha, Membership Chairman, (931) 935-2552,
Council Officers ***Note change in title
Grand Knight - Pete Marino
Deputy Grand Knight - Chris Langer
Chancellor - Chris Quain
Financial Secretary - Mathaus Keller 
Treasurer - Paul Keller, Jr. 
Recorder - Ron LaPierre
Advocate - Ray Jicha 
Warden - Larry Pole 
Inside Guard - Mike Losito 
Outside Guard - John Nunley
Three Year Trustee - Ray Highers
Two Year Trustee - Mel Goggins
One Year Trustee - Bill Loos


Assembly Officers


July 1, 2016


Grand Knight - Ray Highers


Deputy Grand Knight - Pete Marino


Chancellor - Chris Quain


Financial Secretary - Mathaus Keller


Treasurer - Paul Keller, Jr.


Recorder - Mel Goggins 


Advocate - Ray Jicha


Warden - Larry Pole


Inside Guard - Mike Losito


Outside Guard - John Nunley


Three Year Trustee - Bill Loos


Two Year Trustee - Mark Tylka

One Year Trustee - Paul Keller, Sr.


Chaplain/Lecturer - Fr. Kevin Dowling



Local K of C Calendar


Detailed Information about the Joe Einecker Council


Detailed Information on the Knights


Tennessee State K of C Council


K of C Headquarters


 Assistant Deputy Grand Knight, (931) 935-2782,