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St. Andrew Catholic Church

Sparta, Tennessee
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Ongoing Information




Summer Vacations


Planning to take a trip?  If you are a server, Eucharistic minister or lector, please let the secretary know ahead of time so that she can find a substitute! Thanks!



Envelope Usage


If you go away for a couple of weeks, you do not have to put something in the all the collection envelopes for the weeks you were gone.  Just use one envelope; that's all we need - thanks!



Adult Education Program


If YOU or someone you know wants to become a Catholic or learn more about our Catholic faith, we have weekly sessions during the school year. These sessions are called the “RCIA” or Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults. With days off here and there for various holidays, the RCIA sessions will continue until Easter.  Everyone is invited to participate in these classes. The program is not only for those who may be seeking to embrace the Catholic faith, but also for those who may want to learn more about what the Church believes and teaches. If you have any questions, please ask the secretary.



Cover Tennessee Rx

Governor Haslam has requested that we send out information on a health insurance program that may have application to some of our parishioners. Cover TN is a program for uninsured or uninsurable adults. Members may choose coverage to fit their needs. It is a program especially aimed for the self-employed, the working uninsured, and those between jobs without insurance coverage. There are programs for children under 18, for those who have chronic illnesses and have been turned down for ordinary health insurance; and also a program of pharmacy benefits for low-income people. Detailed information is available by calling (866) COVERTN or go to Cover TN .  

National Rosary Crusade

The United States is at a most critical time in its history.  The might of its military is being challenged as it was in the Middle Ages.  The only weapon that saved Europe from Muslim domination was prayer, in particular the prayer of the Rosary.  A national crusade has been launched, asking people to pledge a daily rosary to save America from the terrorists who want to destroy Christianity.  If you can't say a daily rosary, you are invited to participate in the Sunday morning Rosary before Mass.



Printer Cartridge Recycling

We would like to remind everyone who uses an ink-jet printer (except Epson) to save the used cartridges for recycling. We turn them in for money. Collect them at home and where you work. The collection box is on the table in the hallway.



Monthly Calendar

If you wish to have your wedding anniversary acknowledged on the St. Andrew monthly calendar, please turn in your names and date to the church office.  

Empty Vials


Why do we collect empty prescription vials or bottles? The vials are cleaned and shipped to Haiti. The clinics there often hand out pills in envelopes or pieces of newspaper. Our recycled vials are a welcome luxury in that poor nation. Please bring your empty vials!  



Re-filling Vigil Lights


In order to avoid glass breakage of the vigil lights, please remove the tin base of the burned out vigil light before re-filling it with a fresh candle.  More than one base left in the glass causes the candle to burn at an angle and crack the glass.  Also, please put the matches in the plate and monetary donations in the slot.



 Shopping On-Line for Gifts?


As we move from season to season, please don't forget about the "Just Catholic" store for religious gifts.  Not only are their prices reasonable, but they return 25% of all purchases back to the parish.  When ordering, you must mention our name and/or our ID# 19032.  Add the web-site (Just Catholic) to your list of favorites; shop there all year round!



Visits to the Sick


It would be deeply appreciated if the office would be notified when a parishioner is taken to a hospital. Too often the information reaches us only after the patient has returned home.  We are most anxious to visit hospital patients and shut-ins whenever possible.



Mass Intentions


If you would like a Mass celebrated in honor of / in memory of someone, we now have cards available for both living and deceased intentions.  You can drop a small monetary offering with your request marked "Mass Intention" in the collection basket or contact the office.


Difficulty Hearing?


If you experience difficulty hearing during the Mass, please request one of our new personal receivers from an usher.  These can be used at any location in the church; they are not restricted to a particular area. We can order a personal receiver with earbuds for you that works with the church transmitter system. The cost is $59.99 plus shipping. Place your order in the office.



New Parishioners


Registration/Census forms for families wishing to become members of St. Andrew are available in the Gathering Area.  All who regularly attend Mass on weekends usually become registered members.  If you are uncertain whether you have previously registered, fill out another form.  Your registration, if it is already on file, will simply be updated.



Parish Council Meetings


Every meeting of the Parish Council is an open meeting, as are meetings of individual committees.  Parishioners are invited and welcome to attend.  Check the Events Calendar on this website or the weekly bulletin for the date and time of meetings and feel free to attend. 


Adopt a Child From Haiti


Those of you who want to do something special for the children of our Sister Parish in Haiti may want to provide for the education of one of these children for a year.  The cost is $60.  Please see the church secretary or call Denise Snyder at (615) 529-2546.



Assisted Living Community


Mary, Queen of Angels is a Diocesan sponsored, assisted living community whose mission is to provide affordable housing and personal care for the elderly.  To request an application or for further information, please contact Melodie Fyke or Michelle Lauer at (615) 353-6181.


Congregational Singing


One of the recommendations coming out of Vatican II was to encourage singing by the congregation.  Just because we have a choir and cantors does not mean that you should be excused from singing.  If God has not blessed you with a particularly good singing voice, one way to even the score is to use it at Mass.



Keeping Christ in Christmas


If any stores are afraid of offending non-Christians by a reference to "Christmas" in their advertising, just don't shop there.  They are not afraid of offending Christians, who make up the largest segment of the population.  Let them know how we feel about being offended. 


The Living Tree


Attached to the rear wall of the Gathering Area is a bronze tree trunk with brass leaves engraved with the names of all who participated in our Pledge Program, or who otherwise made a significant contribution to the building program.  Several blank leaves have been reserved for those who in the future may wish to participate.  We hope eventually to fill up all the leaves.


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