Liturgical Year A

1st Sunday of Lent

March 1, 2020

Liturgical Ministers

February 29th


Lector: C. Quain

Lay Eucharist Ministers: T. Quain, A. Ellis

Server: D. Farrington, L. McKee


March 1st


Lector: Youth Group

Servers:  A. Morris, H. Morris

Lay Eucharist Ministers: M. Tylka, W. Vidrine, B. LeBlanc

Ushers: R. Latham, P. Marino, P. Keller

Collection: Keller, Hesselbaum

Please arrange for a substitute if you can't be there.

March 7th


Lector: David Farrington

Lay Eucharist Ministers: T. Quain, A. Ellis

Server: D. Farrington, L. McKee


March 8th


Lector:  S. Wieczorek

Servers:  J. Morris, J. Hawco

Lay Eucharist Ministers:  S. Wieczorek, L. Keller, R. Lapierre

Ushers: B. LeBlanc, P. Marino, R. Manthey

Collection:  Marsden, L. Keller

Please arrange for a substitute if you can't be there.

Collection Report

February 23rd    Week 34      YTD    

Envelopes       3,621.00   64,728.00

Offerings         298.00    7,608.80

Total           3,919.00   72,336.80 


Number of registered families:   123

Number of envelope users:        108

Number of known givers:     50 (47%)

Average contribution:         $22.47

Other Collections

Haiti             100.00    5,566.48

Outreach         661.00     9,292.69



Pope’s Prayer Intention for March

We pray that the Church in China may persevere in its faithfulness to the Gospel and grow in unity.


Coming Week's Schedule

See announcements below.

​Daily Mass Intentions


Saturday, February 29th, 5:00pm: Catherine Springer

Sunday, March 1st, 8:30am: For the Parish

Monday, March 2nd, 8:30am: Special Intention

Tuesday, March 3rd, 8:30am: Leda Jean Landsford

Wednesday, March 4th, 6:00pm: Catherine Springer

Thursday, March 5th, 8:30am: Wannie Day

Friday, March 6th, 8:30am: Michael Dzendzel

Saturday, March 7th, 5:00pm:  Leda Jean Landsford


(If a Mass is cancelled, we will reschedule the Intention.)

(IP = Intention of the Priest)



Prayer Intentions


Please remember in your prayers:


Brad Alexander

Diane Barry

John Barry

Bobbie Bolandi

Seth Frimere

Michael Hughes

June Keller

Carol Kent

Barbara & Michael Losito

Tom Murphy

Debra Sudhoff

John Williams


Home-bound, hospitals and nursing homes:


Linda McGraw

Jennifer Hamilton

Mary Jane Kafka

T. W. McCardle

(t R.I.P.)




Lenten Regulations

Lent is the season of 40 days (not counting Sundays) during which all Catholics are required to perform acts of penance. This year, Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, is on February 26th. Each Friday during Lent is a day of abstinence; everyone 14 years of age to the end of life is required to abstain from meat, but the use of condiments made from meat products is allowed. Ash Wednesday and Good Friday are days of Fast; all from the age of 18 thru their 59th birthday to eat only one full meal on those days.  Two other meatless meals may be taken, but together should be less than the one full meal.

Lenten Challenge


This weekend, you will have the opportunity to draw a “Lenten Challenge” from a basket at the altar. Each challenge will be different and will be a suggested prayer, action or goal for your Lenten journey. It will be something that we can do individually to help us to grow spiritually over the next few weeks.


Ashes will be available three times this season. Ashes will be distributed on Wednesday, February 26th in conjunction with the 6:00pm Mass and at Mass on Saturday, February 29th and on Sunday, March 1st.

​​​​Stations of the Cross

Starting on Friday, February 28th and running through Friday, April 3rd, there will be Stations of the Cross at 6:00pm followed by soup. Sign-up sheets for soup are posted on the Bulletin Board in the Gathering Area.

Parish Mission

The Passionist Order is giving us a Parish Mission from March 1st to March 5th. There will be an 8:30am Mass each morning, a mission talk each evening at 7:00pm and fellowship in the Parish Hall afterwards. Please join us.

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

It's Saturday evening, March 14th, after the 5:00pm Mass. Our St. Pat's Day dinner will feature corned beef and cabbage, carrots, potatoes, garlic bread, desserts and beverages. Adults - $8.00; under 12 - $3.00; family cap - $20.00. And please consider bringing in a dessert...!


January Outreach Report

We assisted 100 families consisting of 296 individuals for the month.  Income: Poor Box .00; Collection $1,456.00.  Expenses: Electric $400.00; Water:  $ 40.00; Food $610.63. Thank You!








Use the painted parking spaces only.



Caring Ministry of St. Andrew Parish


St. Andrew’s Caring Ministry provides spiritual visits to the Sick and Home-bound to listen and comfort, share prayer and sacrament, and to make present God’s love and the Church’s care to those in need. To join, contact Deb Baldwin at

One Way

Did you see the “One Way” sign? If you need to drive around the back of the church, please drive to the left side of the church and go “clockwise” around the back of the church. That’s where those with wheel chairs/walkers are dropped off to enter church!

Prayer Shawls

We need people to make prayer shawls and the names of anyone who might need one. For details, call Deb Baldwin at 739-9801 or e-mail her at

St. Andrew Emporium

Do you know that we have Gift Certificates you can purchase. Visit our gift shop. We now have key chains and pendants – made in Italy – and St. Michael medals. You’re sure to find the right gift at the right price! Open before and after Sunday Mass and by appointment. See Linda Keller for details.
Used Ink Cartridges


The box for depositing your empty ink cartridges has been relocated to the office.  We can accept all cartridges except those made for Epson.

Bulletin Announcements


If you would like an announcement of your church event put in the bulletin two weeks in advance, you need to submit it three weeks in advance to give us time to include it!  Thursday morning at 10:00am is the deadline for that Sunday's printing. Thank you!

Church Business

Please use our church office address - - for- church related correspondence. Your request will be handled much quicker if it comes directly into the office.
Please inform the church secretary, by the third week of the month, if you are unable to fulfill your ministerial duties the following month.  That will give us time to change the schedule before it is distributed.

Grateful Thanks to Volunteers


We would like to express a word of thanks to all the volunteers who, year after year, give of their time and talent to do the "behind the scenes" work that makes a community successful. Unlike those who claim they have done their share and it is time for others to step in, these volunteers are always ready to lend a hand.  Thanks to all of you who have been so indispensable.






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